Logo do Museu para todos

Logo do Museu para todos


Museum for all

The “Museum for All” (Museu para Todos) is a special area of the Pinacoteca web portal that seeks to contribute to the relationship between art and education.

The information and activities proposed here are based on the actions developed by the Center for Educational Action, or NAE (Núcleo de Ação Educativa) of the Pinacoteca.

We hope you will use the texts and activities that we have selected and prepared with care.

If you wish to contact us, please call 3324-0943 or 3324-0944.

Teachers can also pick up free print materials to support their pedagogical practice when visiting the Pinacoteca. To learn more about this opportunity, click here!

Center for Educational Action

Based on the belief that art is potentially capable of generating engagement as well as social, intellectual and positive emotional transformation for everyone, the NAE’s mission is to promote educational processes in art, history, memory, heritage and culture, to different target audiences, thereby contributing the exercise of diversity and dialogue, and the construction and dissemination of knowledge.