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Teachers / Educational Tours

In accordance with the guidelines of the Government of the State of São Paulo, Pinacoteca de São Paulo will be closed for the next days. We will keep our digital channels running with daily updates.

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Educational visits

Educational tours are intended to qualify the relations of dialogue between the various audiences and the works of art from the Pinacoteca’s permanent collection and some of the temporary exhibits, with the buildings that house this collection and the concepts of preservation and heritage involved in the museum’s actions.

Different methods are applied to promote attribution of personal and collective meaning of the participating groups about the works observed during the visits. One visit is never like another. Each group follows a different path inside the museum, creating relationships with the works based on questions that arise in the interaction with the docent and among the participants.

The poetic proposals are recreational/educational activities that may involve art-related and expressive games and activities, carried out based on the characteristics and interests of each group. The aim is to create learning situations with a more concrete and experiential scope, complementing the readings of the images, a strategy used by the docent who conducts the dialogue with groups of visitors, stimulating them to explore the meanings attributed to the works, as well as their technical, formal and contextual aspects.

Themed tours are organized by the Pinacoteca docents in order to address certain topics in more depth, which can be worked within the multiplicity of the museum’s collection.

The educational tours are available to any organized groups, through prior scheduling, and on weekends, also for spontaneous tours. See the Educational Action counter in the entrance hall of the Pinacoteca. The Pinacoteca also offers service in English for foreigners as well as access to people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

To schedule educational tours, please call 3324-0943 or 3324-0944.



Several actions of the Center for Educational Action are guided by the interest in encouraging teachers’ access to works of the Pinacoteca’s permanent collection, its temporary exhibits and cultural heritage, preparing them to realize the educational potential of this content.

The Training Meetings are designed to help teachers develop proposals that include art in the classroom, aiming to build interest in art and culture. Through actions for the exhibition of works in the permanent collection as well as in temporary exhibits, teachers are encouraged to participate in meetings and return to the Pinacoteca with their students to carry out educational tours.

The Integrated Tours are carried out jointly with docents from partner museums, especially from neighboring institutions, seeking a dialogue between collections and exhibits. Both the Pinacoteca and Estação Pinacoteca carry out tours between the collections of the two buildings and also with the Museum of the Portuguese Language and the Museum of Sacred Art.

Pedagogical Teaching Materials are developed with the aim of bringing everyday teaching practices closer to educational activities at the Pinacoteca. These have a set of reproductions of images of the works in the Pinacoteca’s permanent collection and temporary exhibits, organized based on: proposals of analysis, perception and interpretation of the works of art, time comparisons of different periods of art production and biographies of the artists, as well as poetic proposals. These materials are distributed free of charge to interested teachers and educational institutions. The materials can be picked up on Mondays and from Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the office of the Center for Educational Action. It is necessary to present proper professional ID.